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'Blue Islands & Aurigny Merger'
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'A History of Aviation in Alderney'
We’ve been hearing a lot about the proposed merger between Blue Islands and Aurigny. Coincidentally, a fourteen year old schoolboy has chosen this moment to publish a book on documenting the history of aviation in Alderney.
29 July 2010

'Alderney Week Preview'
Whilst there is not likely to be much in the way of sunshine, the rain is forecast to hold off for the start of Alderney Week. The theme this year is ‘History Makers’ which should give people plenty of scope.
30 July 2010

'Alderney Week - Cavalcade Day'
Whilst, for most of us it was been a normal working day, residents and visitors alike took to the streets in Alderney to enjoy one of the main events of Alderney Week - Cavalcade Day.
02 August 2010

'Alderney Week - Sandcastles'
Its Alderney Week and Wednesday was the day on which families gathered up their buckets and spades and made their way sown to Braye Beach for the traditional ‘Sandcastle Competition’. This year’s theme is ‘History Makers’ which gave entrants a lot of scope to use their imagination.
05 August 2010

'Alderney Week - Man Powered Flight'
The sun again shone for one of the highlights of Alderney Week , the ‘Man Powered Flight’ competition. So please fasten your seat belts, put your seats in the upright position and enjoy the flight.
06 August 2010

'Alderney Week - Review'
The highlights of this year's Alderney Week coverage, including the 'Daft Raft Race' and the 'Torchlight Procession'
09 August 2010

All of these reports have been previously aired on BBC Channel Island News.

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